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Ways for a longer erection naturally - Get erect naturally

Longer Erection Cheat Sheet
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Lack of longer erections and erectile dysfunction are often not caused by the same factors although they both affect your sex life, relationships, self-image and overall quality of life.

Erectile dysfunction is commonly caused by some physiological (mechanical) issue.

Premature ejaculation has often more to do with your psychological state. You may have trained yourself to ejaculate quickly whilst feeling guilty about masturbation. This is easily reversible and you can get back superb control withot any side effects.


If you have lost your mojo, one of the first things you can do is check with your doctor that erectile dysfunction is not an indicator of heart disease. Similar causes of abnormal blood flow to the heart affect abnormal blood flow to the penis (Michael Roizen, M.D.)

Get your blood flowing

Nutritionists recommend taking 1-2 grams of EPA/DHA (long-chain forms of omega-3 fatty acid) everyday

Throw out your tight underpants

Tight underpants can reduce the blood flow towards the penile tissues, which can hamper your erection. Also while you are about it, throw out your old saggy ones as well, daggy underpants are a turnoff when she helps you get undressed.

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Brush and floss your teeth every day

Periodontitis (inflammation around the tooth) is one of the important risk factors resulting in cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction is strongly correlated with cardiovascular disease. In the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2011), Zuo an others found that periodontitis causes a decrease of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) in penile tissue. eNOS plays a key role longer erections. Brush and floss.

Self Esteem

Whilst you might be worried about the size and hardness of your abs and penis, studies have shown that although physically attractive males may have sex at an earlier age they are mostly successful in getting short-term sexual partners, not long-term relationships. Whilst we men may be attracted by females physical attractiveness (symmetry, skin texture, waist to hip ratio), females are more than readily attracted to our ability to care and provide for them rather than your penis size. So by all means optimise your physical attractiveness by being fit and healthy but focus more on building intimacy and a long-term relationship with your lover. Evolution favours the latter and you may get regular and quality sex in a long-term relationship which is great for health.


Stress affects longer erections

Continued chronic mental and emotional stress will affect your ability to get or have a longer erection. Stressed males usually drink, smoke and eat more, further affecting their ability to get or stay erect.

Chill out, take a break and exercise. Indulge in some quality sleep and meditate. Have more sex, yes not only does more sex lead to more sexual fitness but it releases oxytocin and other feelgood hormones.

Cycling and saddle shape

Although cycling has many health benefits a bike saddle affects the blood flow to the penis during cycling. Researchers tested both a narrow unpadded sale and a wide unpadded saddle. They found that the narrow saddle is associated with more significant reductions in penile blood flow and could be a source of blunt perineal trauma, potentially leading to erectile dysfunction.

Quick Tip: stand up regularly whilst you are riding and switch to a no nose saddle.

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Drinking and smoking

study published in 2011 indicated that if you are drinking within the National alcohol guidelines (for healthy men this is two standard drinks on any one day) there is all only a low correlation between alcohol intake and erectile dysfunction. However chronic alcoholism does affect sexual functioning (Journal of Sexual Medicine)

if you smoke you have a greater chance of having erectile dysfunction, but this effect is not statistically significant. Equally men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to start smoking than those who don't have problems with maintaining the erection.
(Journal of Impotence, 2005)

Increase your testosterone

The biggest drain on testosterone is excess fat. Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) if it is over 25 then shred fat and add lean muscle. Being overweight means you have to cope with man-boobs, less beard growth, decreased muscle mass and strength. Most annoyingly you will sweat more, feel irritable and even have hot flashes.  

Quick check: If you need to shave less than you used to, it's a good indicator that your estrogen levels are up.

Another testosterone drain is lack of sleep.  In a 2013 study titled Sleep deprivation lowers reactive aggression and testosterone in men showed that the more sleep deprived you are,  the lower your testosterone levels.

Aim for 7 ½ - 8 hours of rejuvenating sleep.

Quick check: if you are yawning or craving naps during the day you are not getting enough sleep at night.

Testosterone therapy for longer erections Noooo!

Don’t have enough testosterone and want to take some for a stronger, longer erection. Don’ do it. The jury is still out with a recent report finding that in trials that were not funded by the pharmaceutical industry, there was an increased risk of cardiovascular problems.

Quick tip: empty your spam folder and don't be tempted with over-the-counter testosterone supplements for programming erections. If you do need it, get from your specialist.

Longer Erection Cheat Sheet

Make love exquisitely and deliberately  - to your health.

Michael Clark

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